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When end-of-life care is needed, the best care is hospice care. Bringing you the best in hospice care is Del Corazon Hospice.

Hospice Is a Philosophy of Care

Hospice isn’t a place… it’s a philosophy of care. Hospice care is comfort care so that patients may live their last days as pain-free and comfortable as possible. The hospice philosophy of care is focused on managing symptoms so that a person’s last days may be spent with dignity and quality as they are surrounded by their loved ones.

At the heart of Del Corazon Hospice is the belief that it is the patient and not the disease that deserves attention, and so the focus of our care is to ease suffering through managing pain and minimizing disease-related symptoms. Comfort care enhances the quality of life allowing one to enjoy each day to the fullest. And hospice care is delivered to patients in their home, in a long term care facility, a retirement community, or in an assisted living environment.