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Del Corazon Hospice . . . A compassionate promise from the heart.

Del Corazon Hospice is here for you and your loved ones as you face the many challenges living life to the fullest after receiving a terminal diagnosis. We are committed to guiding, supporting, and providing care so that you and your family can make the most of every moment together. Today is the right time to get the help you need, the personalized help designed to meet your very specific needs. It’s what you deserve.

The professionals of Del Corazon Hospice are with you as you consider your options and make the tough decisions. And we will be there with you throughout each step in your journey. We are with you to help you remain as independent as possible and have your wishes followed. It is our honor to provide you with end-of-life care.

Del Corazon Hospice Care Is Care from the Heart

Del Corazon Hospice provides compassionate patient and family focused care. We acknowledge that loved ones play an essential role in supporting our patients. Respecting that bond, we seek to support it through our practical, common-sense communication, as we invite the family to become part of the hospice team.


When at the end of life, you may search for meaning and purpose and seek ways to value and appreciate your self-worth. Del Corazon Hospice Care will help you explore opportunities for spiritual and emotional personal growth. Whether it is reviewing your life choices or taking care of unfinished business, we will ensure that your self-worth is supported and valued.


We understand that hospice care comes with many questions. Del Corazon Hospice Care always looks to your needs, and we will openly and honestly answer your questions to the best of our ability. Trust and honesty are important to us especially as we help you and your family to make informed decisions.


An essential part of Del Corazon Hospice Care is the character of our employees. Our team members are committed to serving our hospice patients with kindness, sincere compassion, and deep respect.

Peace of Mind

Del Corazon Hospice Care is all about our dedicated care of you as an individual, not your disease. Our holistic approach to addressing your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs is intended to allow you peace of mind along your journey.

For more information, please call us for a confidential consultation at 505-988-2049.

Our nurses and caregivers at Professional Care Management say Thank You for your kindness and patience. We appreciate each of you!