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We are a dedicated team of interdisciplinary staff of experienced, local health care providers. We have each chosen to work in hospice and are aware of the privilege it is to walk alongside patients and families on their end-of-life journeys. The work can be difficult and emotionally charged, but it is also sacred and rewarding. We do not use a same-for-all approach but individualize the care we provide to meet each patient’s needs and support families during and after their time with hospice.

David Rodriguez

Executive Director and Founder of Del Corazon Hospice David S Rodriguez, a lifelong resident of New Mexico with an extensive career in Nursing, Healthcare Administration and Division Director of New Mexico’s Department of Health Federal and State Licensing Regulatory Compliance Bureaus. David has been a Licensed Nurse for 44 years, as well as a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator for 35 years having managed Long Term Care facilities as well as Home Health and Hospice agencies. Since 2011, Del Corazon Hospice has provided end of life care for over 1,000 families in Santa Fe and northern NM communities as well as most recently in La Vida Llena and The Neighborhood in Rio Rancho Life Care Communities. “We are so rewarded by the profound impact of being invited on the most sacred journey of the families we are so privileged to serve.”

Tamara Jones Rodriguez

Tamara Jones Rodriguez, RN having had 30 years of nursing experience has worked with Del Corazon Hospice for over 9 years having begun as a Hospice Nurse, promoted to Nursing Supervisor and currently assumes the position of Clinical Services Director. Having worked in Case Management, Director of Nursing in Long Term Care and as a Corporate Regional Nurse Consultant within the Nursing Home Industry her time working with Del Corazon Hospice has become very evident Hospice is my true calling.

Judy Hurula

Nursing Supervisor Judy Hurula, BSN, RN has been a nurse since 1981. She has practiced in many areas of nursing and worked in 4 different states and is a former US Army Nurse. Having joined our hospice over 4 years ago, she feels privileged and honored to be working at Del Corazon Hospice with such an amazing team of local, dedicated professionals. The care delivered really does come “from the heart”.

Medical Director/Physician Supervisor and Clinical Care Team Coordinator
Nurse Practitioner
Clinical Services Director
Nursing Supervisor
Registered Nurses
  • Assess the patient’s physical condition and needs
  • Design and coordinate individualized Plan of Care
  • Manage pain and control symptoms
  • Provide instruction, education, and guidance as needed
  • Review and update Plan of Care
Hospice Aides
  • Assist with activities of daily living and homemaker tasks
  • Provide Personal Care
  • Offer emotional support to patient and caregivers
  • Provide instruction, education, and guidance as needed
  • Update supervising nurse and physician
Medical Social Workers
  • Assess patient’s social and emotional needs
  • Assist with obtaining, completing, and submitting legal documents
  • Provide assessment of financial position
  • Recommend community resources and referrals
  • Advise on resources for final arrangements
  • Provide support for family members and caregivers
Spiritual and Bereavement Counselors
  • Offer non-denominational spiritual support and guidance
  • Provide grief and bereavement counseling prior and after patient’s death
  • Offer bereavement support and materials for family members for 13  months after the passing of the patient
  • Upon request participate in memorial service
  • Provide companionship and support to patient
  • Offer support to family members and caregivers
  • Assist with errands
  • Offer to read to patients, write letters, and make phone calls
  • Engage patient in activities as requested
  • Share patient/family needs with Volunteer Coordinator
  • Provide assistance in hospice office