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Who Pays for Hospice

Your hospice benefit covers care for your terminal illness and related conditions. All or part of hospice services is paid for by: Medicare, Medicaid, the Department of Veterans Affairs, private insurance plans, HMO’s, or other managed care organizations. There’s no deductible to you. The Hospice Benefit covers the costs for all prescription drugs, supplies, and durable medical equipment associated with the hospice terminal diagnosis throughout the entire time one is eligible for hospice.

Hospice services also include on-going grief and bereavement support for loved ones and friends. Learn more about our Grief Support services

Insurance and Hospice

Here at Del Corazon Hospice, our all-inclusive service is covered by Medicare benefits with no extra charge. Many families believe hospice care is expensive and may not be fully covered by Medicare. We want to ensure your loved one receives the care they need without worry about financial burden. Contact us for more information!

Go on Hospice Early

Make sure your or your loved one receives care needed right away. There is no time limit for services once hospice care is initiated, and it may be cancelled at any time should you or your loved one no longer require services or you would like to pursue further medical treatment. Hospice services are there to provide care for your specific needs and give family members the support they need. Do not delay getting the help you or your loved one deserves!